HRCH Wilson’s Grand Prairie Pintail “Sprig”

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Sprig is a big boy!  26 inches at the withers, and is 88 lbs of DARK chocolate intense retriever and power.  Sprig is a pin point marker and runs blinds as straight as an arrow.  He has lined 7 out of his last 12 blinds in UKC and AKC hunt test.  He is truly a team player when running tests.  Sprig has an on/off switch like I’ve never seen before.  He can go from laying on a couch playing with his tennis ball to running a finished/masters test at the drop of a hat! 

Sprig is rock solid at the line and has been since his first test at 8 months old when he was used as an honor dog for a finished test.  He passed his first UKC finished test at 20 months and earned his HRC Finished title at 26 months. Sprig likes to run the hunt test BUT he loves to hunt.  Sprig is 100% amateur trained and is Amish trained by his choice!  Pressure was never needed for him to excel, he would rather please and move on.  Any corrections I ever needed to make were made with tone of voice and simply repeating the process.

In 2012, Sprig ran both the Spring and Fall Grand National Retriever Championships. In Wisconsin, in the spring, he went out in the 4th series. In the fall 2012, in Oklahoma, he went out in the 3rd series.  And in the fall 2014 in Tennesse he went out in the 3rd series again.  Sprig is enjoy his time as a family dog and waiting for the next hunting trip


Sire: GRHRCH Rouxs Blazin’ Chocolate Thunder MH


Dam: HRCH Hurricanies Home Brew SH



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